Rooftop Deck Project Status





************MAJOR UPDATE - 5/1/2024************
The rooftop deck project is nearing completion. Installing remaining railings along walkways with posts.
Please stay tuned for updates as the project comes to a close.
1/25/2024- Construction continues- weather permitting. Due to the weather the past couple months, progress has been stalled. We hope to continue as soon as good weather returns.
10/1/2023- construction is underway! Framing is being put together as crews begin the process of assembling and building the deck.


8/28/2023 - STAY ON THE LOOKOUT! Notices regarding the materials delivery will be released soon taking place on 9/6/2023 and also on 9/7/2023. Access to either parking lot or parking garage may be completely forbidden if not heavily restricted due to the crain hoisting heavy materials over the parking areas. Please be advised and plan ahead accordingly.

8/21/2023 - Crane placement to hoist building materials

The upper parking lot and parking ramp will be closed to allow for crane usage to begin work on the roof
top deck on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. THE LOT WILL BE CLOSED FROM 8 AM TO 5 PM. If you
park in spaces R1 though R50 your vehicle will need to be removed by 8 AM on Wednesday, September
6th and the lot will re-open at 5 PM. Please also note that exiting and entering the garage will also be
very limited during this time. There may be prolonged waiting times that will not allow entry or exiting
from the garage.

Any vehicles not removed by 8 AM may be towed at the owner’s expense. There will be no
exceptions. The association does have an agreement for 10 parking spaces across Harding Street with the parking
garage. These are available to the first 10 people who reserve a spot. Please refer to this link to reserve a parking spot with Parquex.

After the reservation is created, you will be provided access and taken directly to where
you can open the garage using the app.

The rear door will not be accessible during this time as well. We are asking everyone to use the front
door. It is very important that no one uses the rear for access or exiting during this time. Please note
that the rear door has a camera that monitors the activity. We understand that this is an inconvenience for many of the residents and do appreciate everyone’s cooperation.
Giant progress being made today- steel beams are being installed and assembled to construct the steel structure for the rooftop deck.

9/27/2022 - Preparing the annex roof for steel structure installation. Work continues on cutting into the Annex roof and marking the columns for the steel structure installation that will be taking place shortly. 
8/8/2022 - 

Homeowners and residents, Our steel vendor has now confirmed they are planning to install the steel structure during the week of the 22nd of August (2022). They did indicate there was a slight delay in the galvanization process, however they are confident that the install should take place in 2 weeks on the week of the 22nd of this month.
6/24/2022 -

For Immediate Release

Homeowners and residents,

The Shoemaker Lofts board is pleased to announce an update for the rooftop deck project. Our steel vendor has recently informed us that the steel structure is set to be installed sometime around the 3rd week of July, 2022.

We kindly ask that all residents parking outdoors in the ramp area to please pay attention to future building notices as we prepare for the steel structure installation. Parking on the ramp will be prohibited during the material staging and crane hoisting operations. Failure to comply with parking restrictions could result in being towed at the owners expense.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1/10/2022 - Despite being approved by the city of Chicago, we have now run into a separate issue of finding a vendor to complete our decking buildout within the proposed budget. We are working diligently with vendors through this issue. Currently- Like with many other industries, construction vendors are faced with massive supply chain and labor issues that delay quotes and project delivery dates. We will update the website as this new situation warrants. 

8/19/2021 - The City of Chicago's building department has approved our application! This is a giant step forward in the right direction of the application process. We are now collecting final bids for the build out of the deck. Once we select our vendor for the permit application, the permit will be issued within 72 hours of being submitted and we can cut loose all the work that needs to be performed (steel structure). 

7/19/2021 - This morning we had a excellent discussion with the deputy commissioner of the building department on moving forward with our permit submission. Our architect will resubmit our application and in the coming weeks be issued final approval for the project.

7/15/2021 - The meeting with the city has been set for 7/19/2021. We will update on this page with the outcome of the meeting with the building department.

7/7/2021 - Reached out to the building department's deputy commissioner today, he is out of town through 7/9. We will make every effort to meet with him in the next couple weeks to address the bottlenecks we are experiencing with the approval process.
7/1/2021 - Spoke with our architect this morning. Our board president, Jordan Simon will be meeting with the Deputy Commissioner with the Chicago department of buildings along with our architect to investigate and remedy the slow down with permit approval process. This meeting should be taking place within the next couple weeks.
5/21/2021 - Just wanted to send out a brief update on the rooftop deck status. Unfortunately, we are still stuck waiting on final approval from the City of Chicago.
Our engineering firm is working feverishly to expedite this and it is their top priority. In addition, the pandemic has caused building material prices to skyrocket. This is also a potential challenge that our engineering and architectural firm is working on. We will update as the situation warrants. 

4/7/2021 - Rooftop Deck committee. The board is forming a committee to provide input and selections on building material colors and finishes during the construction process. An email has been sent out to homeowners registered on the website for sign up information. The deadline to signup for the rooftop deck committee is 4/21/2021.

4/1/2021- Build-out vendor visit. This morning, one of the vendors bidding on the build-out of the rooftop deck came for a visit to survey the footprint of the proposed deck. We should be receive their bid sometime next week. Once the city of Chicago gives final approval, we must select a vendor for Build-out in order to issued permits. As soon as we have new information, we will share ASAP.

3/22/2021- Our engineering firm is stating that we should hear from the city within the next few weeks on final approval. As always, we will update you here as soon as we have new information.

2/17/2021- All city departments have reviewed the submitted plans. The final requested modifications are being submitted by our architect this week for final approval.

1/6/2021- The City of Chicago's Zoning and Planning Departments have approved the submitted plans.  The approvals are now making their way through Architectural and Structural review. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

12/8/2020 - Partial City approval - The City of Chicago has approved the new design drawings. We are awaiting for approval on the supporting steel structure, which is the last part of this process. Once the supporting steel structure is approved, our steel vendor will start procurement of necessary materials. This will be followed by the installation of the steel structure on the southeastern section of the annex rooftop.

11/20/2020 - New Drawings. Wanted to share the final drawings that have been sent to the City of Chicago for approval. The rooftop deck will be made of composite decking and have two entrances; one at the west end of the 4th floor hallway, and one at the top of the Annex South (AS) stairwell. We will provide an update status when there is new information available.

11/10/2020 - This is a new page to provide rapid updates on the progress of the approved Shoemaker Lofts rooftop deck. As of right now, the project is in the permitting phase - as soon as approval is given by the City of Chicago, we will provide updates and additional information in this section.